✅Material:  FRP

✅Colour: options

✅Size: many option

✅Goods durable, beautiful, quality 

✅Warranty: 1 year

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On hot days, it is always an ideal spot for all young people not only because of the cool ice creams that soothe the sun but also because of the attractive taste. To serve the needs and preferences of people drinking milk tea, ice cream shops or curbside ice cream carts are often set up in front of school gates, companies, residential areas. They find every way to compete and in that fierce trade circle, they find many ideas to promote their ice cream brand and in which the idea of using giant ice cream model to attract customers.



-Materials: Fibreglass reinfored plastic

-Colors: As required

-Size: As required


♻ Ice cream model with materials made of fibreglass creates high durability, bright colors and difficult to fade over time. The smooth surface is convenient for cleaning. Beside, it is made from high-class fibreglass so it light weight, easy to move, does not cause harm, safe for health. Fibreglass reinfored plastic has two layers, including the base layer and the core layer, making this material durable, tough and malleable to shape made should different types of models. About the advertising model, FRP can be applied to produce many different product models such as milk tea cup, loaf of bread, ice cream, etc.

♻️Materials made of high quality fibreglass, gelcoat, plastic, color, scratch-proof,            The material is odorless and non-toxic, durable and safe when used for display outdoors or indoors. Design simulation with the same accuracy true 99%, clear texture and high gloss good, especially bright colors combine with beautiful pattern make ICE CREAM MODEL becomes more vivid and more attractive.

♻️ The outstanding advantages of the ice cream model made from fibreglass.

1.Ice cream is made from fibreglass(frp) very durable, has additives fire retardant, non-oxidized, flying colors under all conditions

2.Separate volume small, high mechanical strength, easy in transporting

3.The ability to endure weather, anti-aging, anti-UV, high insulation and good thermal insulation

4. Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, high non-costly in storage, no need to paint the anti-corrosion coating.

5.Machining and fabrication of simple, easy to shaping, coloring, change and repair, the cost of investment in equipment production and maintenance costs low.

6.Lifespan use high( long time sue over metal, wood about 2-3 times).

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