Founded in 2015, IMART pioneers in designing and manufacturing solutions for products using Fibreglass reinfored plastic (FRP) from civil, industrial, advertising and tourism industries. 

Founded in the context of FRP industry in Viet Nam began to develop strongly, along with the trend of FRP applications more and more in life by individuals, businesses and organizations tobe interested and to highly appreciate. Therefore, the development of FRP more and more high competitive. As one of the leading companies in the field of design and direct production of many high-grade products. IMART prouded tobe a provider of reliable service to customers.


Becam the leading enterprise producing diversified FRP products in Viet Nam .


Becoming manufacturing design partner and the most trusted design of our customers thanks to our ability to provide a full range of FRP products and services on the basis always sidering our customers as important center.

Create the best working environment for employees with many opportunities to develop their ability, contribute values and build successful careers. 

Providing shareholders with attractive and long-term benefits through the implementation of a strong business development strategy in parallel with the application of strict corporate governance and risk management practices international.


The value Imart committed to bringing to customers over the years.

1. Customers are the focus :

"Because we only succeed when the customer succeeds "

Imart always considers customers a focus in every thinking and action. We protect our customers interests by always complying with the provisions of the Law and the company. Imart facilitates customers with sustainable success in the long term not just addressing the immediate single product needs of customers in the short term.

2. Innovation and creativity to stay ahead

All employees are always ready to receive and lead change, explore learning and not be afraid to fail, always improve, be creative in everything and breakthrough benifit of customers.

3. Collaborate effectively

“ Because at Imart you cannot succeed by working just along”

We  always understand and place the interests of Imart company on personal interests, willing to listen to opposing opinions, offer support when necessary, work together and create the highest value for the company and customer.


✅ At Imart, we always put quality first, work effectively to bring the best solution for each customer. Although we have the advantage of pattern and experience but we believe that it is people make Imart different.

✅ Hundreds of customers trusted and are accompanying Imart. Customer success is the strongest motivation for us to grow everyday.

✅ High quality FRP products and solutions.

✅ The impressive design and the perfect solution for each product reach customers.

With the Imart business philosophy, we are unanimously giving away I return

VP – SHOWROOM: 130, Cao Duc Lan street, An Phu ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam
FACTORY: 138 Thai Binh 2 street, Long Binh ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

 MST: 0313943958
 Account number: 1011168887979, Quan Doi bank – Ho Chi Minh ahead office
 Sales Department: 0903 886 556 Ms Yến 
 Technical Department0906 866 556 Mr Quảng