✅Material:  FRP Composite ✅Colour: red/ white and so on




20x16/ 30x70 cm
✅Goods durable, beautiful, quality 
✅Warranty: 1 year ✅ Call 0909653337 for best price
✅Cheap delivery fee ✅Ensure proper description material
✅ Place of origin:  HCM City,Vietnam ✅Payment term:   L/C/ T/T
✅Delivery time: 3 weeks  


✅ Fiberglass garden pots are a new product made from a mixture of Polyester and fiberglass. Products are modern, luxurious, have a long life and are easy to clean. Pots are equipped with smart self-irrigation system. Help plants absorb nutrients and water according to their needs. You only have to water once a week, very convenient for modern life.

ceramic pot planter


Currently, due to increased demand and the possibility that composite pots will  gradually replace other pots. Pots are durable, lighter than traditional pots. Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional plant pots such as: heavy, fragile, affected by climate or external factors, difficult transportation. A composite pot has a lifespan of decades because they withstand all the effects of the environment.

Fiberglass pots: Using only plastic and fiberglass materials, the product is highly durable, gentle but sturdy. Durable pot surface smooth, paint will stick and shiny more. In reputable composite pots manufacturing facilities, 100% Fiberglass will be used.

skull pot planter

✅✅ Advantages of Composite Plant Pots

Pots are made of new materials, genuine imported from abroad with clear origin.

Composite pots regulate the amount of water for plants with intelligent self-irrigation system. Make sure the plant is not inundated or dehydrated.

Products are designed luxuriously and very delicate, suitable for modern space. You use for interior and exterior decoration works of villas, gardens, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, shops ... Use in large commercial centers, landscape decor.



✅The factory of FRP dinning room table and chairs, we have improved in materials, long plasticity and processing methods to stabilize quality for many years, committed to ensuring longevity, keeping colors well, ensuring new even after a long time of use.  If you are looking to buy cheap FRP dinning room table and chairs, contact us immediately through the inform below for more support and advice.

BIM - We are a profession manufacture which have still focused on producing FRP furniture in public and commercial furniture, In especial, travel productsindustry productsfiberglass materialsFRP sun loungersFRP table and chairsswimming pool products, fiberglass tank, civil products, prefabricated housespromotional productsfiberglass modelother FRP products,…The structure our producing about FRP, and others which is FRP - related products.



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