With the aim of bringing customers satisfaction and peace of mind when buying products at We always try to bring customers the most satisfaction. During the time of using the product, if there is any technical problem, the customer can contact the company directly for warranty or come phone for a free consultation.

Customers who come to warrant products at the company must bring a coupon - warranty.

1. Regulations on free products warranted

Products that meet the following conditions are offered free warranties for customers:

- The product must have a warranty card, the stamp must have the warranty stamp of and the stamp must remain within the warranty period.

- The product is damaged due to a manufacturer's technical error.

- The product has not interfered with the hardware (not dismantling, repairing ...).

- Accessories warranty 12 months: PIN, Adapter, ...

2. Product regulations are not free warranty

We do not provide free warranty for the following products. In warranty terms, customers may have to pay additional costs if any.

- Product warranty period has expired, from the date of purchase indicated on the coupon - warranty.

- Customers do not use the product in accordance with the instructions, use the wrong voltage written on the product.

- Products due to impact or dropped, broken, distorted, deformed, scratched, rusted, worn out during use, products showing signs of explosion, rodents, and insects. .

- The product shows signs of moisture due to being soaked with water or a strange solution.

- The product is damaged by using an unstable power source or due to improper installation and transportation, resulting in the product broken circuit, fire, motor fire…

- The product shows signs of being repaired before being brought to the company.

3. Provisions on warranty period:

After receiving the information, we will respond to customers within 2 hours, which will confirm the exact technical time to be present to remedy for you.

The time for a technician to be present to fix it is not more than 48 hours after receiving customer feedback.



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