Material: Compossite
Size: d=4000mm, h=5000mm, V=63m3
Goods durable, beautiful,quality
HOTLINE: 0909 653 337
Ensure proper description material
Warranty: 12 month
Exchange returns the wrong description


Product Description

-Size : any size cutomized

-Transparent tank, 7L thick

-Above the cap design diameter 800mm

The outer surface is made of Gelcoat, blue and white.



Product Characteristic

1.Use the high quality FRP composite material to make, with the advantage of anti-acid, alkali resistant,pull to resistant,high strength, etc.

2.Good tightness,no leakage, completely prevent the pollution of traditional the septic tank ground water leakage.

3.Using the unique structure design and high efficient membrane packing, high removal efficiency, small occupy area, area selection flexible, very suitable for old city building area reform sewage system to set up septic tank.

4.Light weight, convenient to transport ,integral construction, no need assembly, install speedy.

5.High compression strength.

6. The outstanding advantage of fiberglass tanks is the price that businesses have to pay for a tank with durability equal to stainless steel, even more advantages in terms of weight and corrosion resistance so that cost savings are much lower.

Product Application 

Used for domestic sewage treatment for residential. office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools,hospitals, barracks, toilet, district municipal reform and other places. Also for drainage treament of good processing enterprise.


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